Columbus Mailing Services

At Executive Mailing Solutions, mailing is our middle name, literally. Let us take care of your Columbus mailing needs, from metering and tabbing, to inkjet addressing. Our experience with Columbus bulk mailing, quick turnaround times, and dedication to affordability make us the best choice for everything mailing-related. We can help get your material in the right Columbus mailboxes, and seen by the right people.

Whatever your Columbus mailing or printing needs are, the experts at Executive Mailing Solutions can help. Our bulk mailing company has the experience and skills necessary to provide your company with the best mailing services at an affordable price. Our professional mailing company is based in Columbus, Ohio, we know the unique challenges and experiences of owning and operating a local business. As a mailing company, we understand that you need reliable bulk mailing services that can get your product consistently to mailboxes across the city. Learn more about our mailing services below. Executive Mailing Solutions works with you to determine the right mailing services that suit your company’s needs. Whether you need metering, tabbing, or other bulk mail services, we can help. We have been providing bulk mailing solutions to Columbus for over 13 years with dedication and attention to detail. Contact us today to learn more!

  • Machine inserting: Save time and money with our folding and inserting services. Our machine inserters fold, enclose and seal your documents into envelopes so they’re ready to go out. 
  • Metering: Leave stamps behind with our metering services. We send your mail through a postage meter to print directly on each envelope, saving you money on postage.
  • OMR ready barcode inserting: Mail documents with variable page counts with ease, with our OMR ready barcode inserting. We ensure your multi-page documents are in the right order and ready to go out. 
  • Tabbing: Keep your magazine or periodical together with our tabbing services. Don’t worry about your documents opening in the mail, our tabbing ensures they stay closed in transit. 
  • Inkjet addressing: Make sure your mail gets where it needs to go with our Inkjet addressing. Our clear inkjet printing ensures that your addresses are clear and easy to read.
  • Mail merge: Ensure your mail is going to the right people with our mail merging services. We can automatically add names and addresses to your documents from a database so you can send your documents to the right places. 
  • Variable data: Personalize your direct mail with our variable data printing services. We can customize your documents so that each one sent is personalized to its recipient.